The 11-Day Power Play to Fight Cancer


An 11-day hockey game to help fight cancer




It’s grueling. It’s insane. It’s inspirational. Buffalo, NY’s HarborCenter played host to the 11-Day Power Play, a continuous 11-day hockey game to raise money for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Located right in Buffalo, Roswell is the USA’s first cancer center and a world leader in groundbreaking research in the fight against the disease. Their commitment to service excellence and compassionate care has made a profound difference in the lives of millions of cancer patients and their families.

From the opening faceoff to the final whistle, a group of mostly 40-something Buffalonians took to the the ice playing one continuous game spanning 11 days—or 251 hours, to be exact. Two teams of 20 players played the entire game, each with the goal of raising $10K each to benefit the Institute. It was an unfathomably fierce fight—yet it’s nothing compared to the battle these patients face each day.


Game On… And On

For Mike Lesakowski and 39 of his hockey-playing friends, it was game on—and on and on and on.

Their goal was to raise $1 million for cancer research and break the Guinness World Record mark of 250 hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds that was set during an outdoor game in Alberta, Canada, in 2015.

From pee wee hockey to their beloved Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo is a loud and proud hockey town. The energy and passion for the game extends well beyond the ice.


Another Miracle on Ice

Mike and Amy Lesakowski share many things in life, including a deep love of family, a passion for hockey and, unfortunately, a personal experience with cancer. Amy is a cancer survivor. Mike, who is organizing the event, is playing in honor of his mother, Evelyn, who passed away from cancer in May 2016 at the age of 62.

Fed up with the hardship caused by this deplorable disease and fueled by their love of hockey, Mike and Amy, along with a very determined group of Buffalo friends, were inspired to take action. So they set a goal to break the record for the world’s longest hockey game while raising money for cancer research.

Please join them in supporting their lifesaving mission by making a donation today (give what you can). It’s for a great cause.

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