10-Pass Chaos Drill


The 10-Pass Chaos drill, courtesy of the experts at Hockey Coach Vision


The 10-Pass Chaos drill is a great exercise that works on special-teams play. Offensive players must constantly strive to get open, as defenders focus on angling and defensive stick skills.

10-Pass Chaos Drill Description

  • Coach begins the drill with a pass to the 3 defenders, who initiate a quick attack
  • After the 6 attackers recover the puck, they must make 10 passes in a row before they can attack either net
  • The 3 defenders maintain pressure on the puck at all times

Key Points

  • Defenders pressure the puck with hard skating and active sticks, while attempting to take away passing lanes
  • If the defenders recover the puck before the 10 passes have been made, they receive a point plus another scoring chance
  • Attackers receive one point for 10 successful passes, and each group gets a point for every goal scored
  • The coach whistles to signal a change, and all players sprint to the far blue line as new players replace them

About Hockey Coach Vision…

Hockey Coach Vision is an application used by hockey coaches that allows them to digitize drills and tactics in animated 3D, which can then be shared. The app works on Mac or PC, as well as on iPad and Android tablets. This powerful coaching tool enables hockey coaches to design virtually any game situation. It uses animated 3D, so that coaches can view all their plays using various 3D perspectives. Your drills can be shared with your players and assistant coaches. PDFs can be generated to keep everyone in the loop with your practice plan. Monthly plans can be created by placing your practice packages and notes into your calendar. Manage your team and use it within every aspect of your practice plans. Use video or picture recordings to store a play, analysis, drill, technique, etc.

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